Melanie MacQueen


“IN THE NAME OF GOD: or Honk If You Love Satire” was my first musical which I wrote and produced myself at the NOHO THEATRE in North Hollywood in 1995.  I also directed it.  It won three Valley Theatre League Awards for Best new Musical, Best Book and Lyrics and Best Musical Director (My composer, David Coleman).  THE PAINTED YELLOW Production Company also performed it in 1997 Off - Broadway.

“FUTURE FEATURES”,  a sketch comedy show which I co-wrote with John Leslie and which we performed at the NOHO THEATRE in North Hollywood in 1996.  I was also the producer and director. 

“ANIMAL TALK” a one- act children’s musical for which I wrote the book and lyrics (again teaming with David Coleman as composer).  I produced it in 1999 at the HOLA YOUTH THEATRE  (at the Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles) with the proceeds going to the youth center.

“LUCK TAKES A HOLIDAY” a half-hour video which I wrote and produced and starred in to present in-house to the Virginia State Lottery.   It is based on the character I have done for the Lottery for the past twenty years, Lady Luck.   It was done in 1999.

“SURVIVAL OF THE FATTEST” a half-hour digital video project, which I wrote and produced under the SAG Experimental Film contract.  Postproduction was completed in the summer of 2002. 

“CHRISTMAS TIMES” written by myself and was the holiday show offering for Theatre 40 in 2007. 

“PANDORA’S BUM RAP” written and directed by myself, a comic version of the Greek myth performed by an all female cast of kids and adults in April, 2008 at Theatre 40.

“LEFT ASIDE” a short play in two acts presented in Scottsdale, Arizona as part of an evening of political plays written by women called “POLICHICKS”.  The evening was one of many world wide events in celebration of International Women’s Day.

“FUTURE FEATURES” a revival with additional new material done in Scottsdale Arizona summer of ’08.

“AN OLD, OLD, TALE” a children’s play written in Elizabethan verse and directed by myself at Theatre 40 in ’09.

“THE MONARCH’S NEW RAIMENT”   a children’s play written in Elizabethan verse based on “The Emperor’s New Clothes” done at Theatre 40 in ’09.

I am currently working on a new musical (with David Coleman), “SONGS OF TREES”.