Melanie MacQueen

As the Program Director of KIDS ACTING OUT! at Theatre 40 and through LA’s Best after school program, Theatre Phoenix, I have been helping groups of kids through the process of learning how to express themselves through writing plays or acting. I have also worked with small, private groups and coached individual children for auditions. Contact me, so I can personalize a program that will suit your children’s group or your individual child!


Staged Reading
Explores the basics of reading as performance, including vocal production, assuming characters and the mechanics of doing dramatic or comedic readings in front of an audience. NO MEMORIZATION REQUIRED. Can culminate in a presentation of readings for the rest of the senior community, if desired.

Radio Theatre
An eight week course focusing on doing an actual old time radio show that culminates in a performance with sound effects and music! (no individual class price for this, as equipment and Radio SFX person must be booked in advance.

Improvisation for Beginners
Isn't it time to remember what you used to know? We all knew how to do this as kids. The class uses various improvisational games to explore the playful and spontaneous side of performance. It can culminate in a presentation for the rest of the senior community, if desired.

Monologue writing
An eight week class.This class helps the senior tell that story he or she wants to tell. It could be a real life event or an imagined one. Exploration and examples of theatrical monologue structure will be used to help the beginning (or maybe not so beginning) writer tell the story they want to tell. Seniors will write their own monologue.

Broadway Bound!
A ten week class. An examination of some prominent Broadway plays of the 20th (and 21st!) century. Lecture, discussion. Includes presentation of some scenes from selected shows with visiting theatre artists.