Melanie MacQueen

Anita Byrd (parent)
The performance exceeded all expectations and we owe you so much. Not only was your play beautifully written, performed and directed, but what an informative, humanistic piece. BRAVO!

Michelle Hahn (parent)
Thank you Melanie! It was an incredible treat to see this all come together! You really did a wonderful job with the kids. All lives involved were enhanced from the process and production!! 

Sherri Haughton (parent)
As a proud parent of a budding star, you deserve a standing ovation, flowers and so much more!

Gita Donovan (parent)
Melanie MacQueen has worked with my daughter and a group of her friends to create and put up their own original theatre shows for a couple of years, now. Melanie’s ability to work with kids in the theatre is unparalleled. She inspires them to express themselves, is always supportive of their efforts, handles group dynamics with diplomacy and respect, and encourages each kid to perform in the way that is unique to them. Through all of this, she has a lot of fun with them! She knows when to let them goof off and when to rein them in! From teaching the kids theatre exercises to open them up and break down their inhibitions, to improv, to basic acting skills, to writing the script with the kids and rehearsing them to the final performance, Melanie does it all with aplomb. Melanie has worked tirelessly coming up with smart, funny, charming scripts for the girls to perform, inspired by their ideas. She willingly goes the extra mile to help the girls make their show a success. She continues to amaze and impress all of the parents she works with. And the kids just want to do it again and again!

Member, Board of Education
It is with pleasure and unqualified confidence that I recommend Melanie MacQueen for a teaching position. As an active member of the Beverly Hills community and member of the School Board for the Beverly Hills Unified School District, I have had the good fortune to become well acquainted with Melanie and am highly impressed with her myriad talents and, in particular, her work with young people. Melanie and I have collaborated closely in her creation and management of a wonderful playwriting and acting program for our district’s students. Additionally, I have observed her on numerous occasions directing children in professional theatre productions.

Ms. MacQueen, herself a gifted performer, has a rare combination of talents which are perfectly suited to teaching children. Abundantly positive, patient, and energetic, she skillfully conveys the fine points of her craft in terms that a child can easily understand. It is truly amazing to me to watch her transform otherwise inexperienced children into accomplished professional performers. While respectful and nurturing of her students, she always maintains an orderly and purposeful environment in the classroom and rehearsal theatre.

Melanie is a person of tremendous professionalism, intellect, and caring. Children and the theatre are clearly passions of hers and that is, no doubt, why she makes such a fine drama teacher. I highly recommend her for such a position.

David Hunt Stafford
Artistic & Managing Director
Theatre 40
I have worked with Melanie MacQueen in numerous capacities in my role as Artistic & Managing Director at Beverly Hills' Theatre 40. I have found her to be an excellent actress capable of making interesting choices covering a wide range of emotions, an experienced and insightful director and a patient, prepared and careful teacher. She is talented, dedicated, is a self starter and defines the term team player. She is reliable, easy to work with and has a tremendous amount of personal integrity. Melanie is a person of many qualities and I'm certain that you will find, in hiring her, as an
actress, as a director or as a teacher, an associate that you can count on and will value and treasure on many levels, as I have. I am proud to know her and doubly proud to call her my friend and my colleague. She is an asset to our organization, in the truest sense of the expression, and I am certain she will be one to yours as well.